Who are you in Game of Thrones based on Myers-Briggs? (EXTROVERT)

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    EFollowing on from our Game of Thrones Introvert Article, here is the Extrovert one for you more outgoing types out there! The primary difference between the introvert and extrovert is the difference in social function – an introvert is typically quieter and private, while the extrovert is more talkative and outgoing. There are many layers to both these types, however, and this is just a basic generalisation.

    Game of Thrones fans will be intrigued to discover which character in their favourite book and TV show most resembles them in character. The Myers-Briggs test provides intricate insight into your character and if you don’t know what yours is, take the test here and then check below to see which GoT character most resonates with you!


    ENTJ: Rob Stark. Rob Stark is the typical ENTJ, a born leader with both confidence and charisma. These personality types can be brilliant strategists and also quite ruthless in their endeavours, but they are masters at building empires and other personality types very often look to them with awe and admiration, admiring their skill and tenacity.

    ESTP: Jaime Lannister. Like the swashbuckling, handsome Jaime Lannister, these personality types love being the centre of attention. There is never a dull moment when they are around and they exude an air of confidence that other personality types find both swoonworthy and enviable. They are the most likely to be risk-takers but at times their confidence can transform into arrogance and they find they have bitten off more than they can chew.

    ENFP: Robert Baratheon. The life and soul of the party, like King Robert Baratheon these personality types make their presence known. They are popular and fun to be around, and their enthusiasm and curiosity is infectious. However, they can become stressed easily and prone to emotional outbursts which often have others running for cover!

    ENTP: Tyrion Lannister. Like Tyrion Lannister, the ENTP is clever and sees words as his greatest weapon. An intellectual debate is more appealing to him than a swordfight, unlike his ESTP comrades. Their primary motivation for shredding arguments is for the thrill of it and they love any opportunity to exercise their mental muscles.

    ENFJ: Sansa Stark. Like their introverted counterparts, ENFJs are born leaders filled with passion and dedication. Some ENFJs, like Sansa, will take a while to come out of their shell and reveal their true nature, but these people are both charismatic and determined to set wrongs to right. They have a genuine interest in others and like to link with like minds to achieve their goals.

    ESFP: Ygritte. Jon Snow’s love interest, Ygritte, is the typical ESFP. These people are born entertainers and love nothing more than a song and a dance. They are light-hearted and jovial, but also passionate and expressive. Their excitability is easily caught by others and they know how to whisk you away to places you never even knew existed!

    ESFJ: Catelyn Stark. Like Lady Stark, ESFJs are popular and well-liked among their communities. They are true altruists who care a great deal about helping others in making the world a better place and safer environments for everyone to live in. They are devoted and loyal and work hard to uphold tradition.

    ESTJ: Khal Drogo. The mighty leader of the Dothraki and husband of Daenerys is the quintessential ESTJ. ESTJs represent order and traditions and can often be found organising community events and important social gatherings. They can be stubborn and set in their principles; things are not clouded for them and though at times they can be dogmatic in their approach, they tend to have everyone’s best interests at heart.

    There are the eight extrovert types from Game of Thrones. Which one are you?


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